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Is your body ready for Post Pandemic World?

Is your body ready for Post Pandemic World?

The unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have made a paradigm shift in human life engrossing all spheres including health. As more people are forced to lead sedentary lives confined to their homes, they are experiencing different forms of health problems due to less physical activity. For instance, many have adapted to the work-from-home model but it’s also resulting in weight gain and orthopedic issues like back pain.

As we are slowly striding towards to Post-Pandemic world, it is still worth thinking ahead to what comes next. Is our body and mind ready for that new world? Are we healthy enough, strong enough, immune enough??

The following will help you prepare better for the Post Pandemic World:

Have a Positive Attitude

We are drowned with negativity all around us today from print, electronic and social media. There are many uncertainties, which can cause feelings of uneasiness and anxiety. Rather than dwelling on things out of your control, remember that there are areas in your life you can manage and control to help you feel your best. Focus your energies to lead healthier lives, taking necessary precautions and maintaining a positive attitude!

  • Find out what’s healthy for you– For some people, four hours of workout everyday can be healthy; for others, 45-minute of jogging is more than enough. So, instead of following what someone else is doing, listen to your body. Figure out what’s healthy for you and follow it regularly.
  • Treat it as a new beginning– The pandemic forced us to re-think and re-evaluate our entire existence. So many things thought indispensable earlier became redundant and valueless. Families and pets became more important than mobile phones and board meetings! So, if this pandemic brought bad news for your health, the post-pandemic world has paved a new beginning for you where you are more aware of your health and what you truly value!
  • Don’t ignore that health issue anymore – The fatigue you feel, that knee pain, or that constant headache, such problems require professional help. So don’t ignore it anymore. Consult a competent Orthopedic Surgeon like Dr Arunava Lala if you’re experiencing orthopedic problems. If you have high blood pressure or glucose level, approach the right specialist and seek proper treatment.
  • Make progressive changes and set doable goals– If you don’t particularly follow a healthy and active lifestyle, chances are that you will not be able to change it overnight. The changes you want to see will take some time and effort. Break larger goals into smaller goals which are easier to achieve to stay motivated.
  • Tap on the right diet and supplements– Fix your diet by ditching the junk food and upping your fruits, vegetables and protein intake to boost your immunity. Make sure you’re eating nutritious home cooked food whenever possible. Add food supplements after consulting your doctor to meet your special health needs like calcium and vitamin D deficiency, which results in weakened bones and poor orthopedic health.
  • Get Adequate sleep: Sleep allows our body to repair and heal from the stress it endures each day. If you have a problem falling asleep, try moving your bedtime up 30 minutes earlier and practicing good sleep hygiene and relaxation breathing techniques

Now the world is rushing to get vaccinated in an effort to beat the Pandemic. In order to determine our best foot forward into the post Pandemic world, we need to re-evaluate our current lifestyle, habits and preferences.

Times of great disruption and change yield newer opportunities!

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