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About Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is the common procedure of surgery where a surgeon replaces the painful hip joint with an artificial one. This procedure may be a choice after hip fracture or pain happens because of arthritis. The Painful joint can be affected on your day to day life. Hip replacement surgery is all about replace a worn-out or damaged joint. This may be a choice after a hip fracture or for severe pain because of arthritis. It helps us to relieve pain that can’t be controlled by other treatments.
Replacement surgery might be an option for you if your hip-pain interferes with daily day to day activities. Nonsurgical treatments haven’t helped someone much further. Arthritis damage is the most common reason to need hip replacement. The Painful joint can affect on your day to day busy life. Avoiding the treatment can be harmful to your walking, sitting, sleeping and exercising. If you need to get out of this pain, then you need medical attention immediately.
Now days thousands of people have surgery in every year. This procedure is also sometimes used to treat injuries such as a broken or improperly growing hip, and for other conditions.
After the surgery you have to stay in the hospital for one or two nights. After going home, physical therapy will help you to heal your joint and strengthening your muscle to move properly. A physical therapist can help you with this. After 12 weeks of hip surgery, you can resume your daily work like walking, cycling, running, etc.

Six months follow up of revision hip replacement!!!!

Here a 75 old lady’s case with a DHS failure and here Calcar Replacement Hemiarthroplasty was done. Now patient is able to walk again.
This is her 15th day post operation follow up reports!!

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